12 10, 2017

The thing about craft beer is…


As a publican and a craft beer advocate, I often find myself defending good beer to the masses. Surrounded by pubs offering £2 drinks, cheap pints of fizzy Euro lager and stupid deals on vodka mixers, it’s often hard to convert the student masses (in Fallowfield anyway) into drinking something decent! Add that to articles chastising pubs for charging ‘ridiculous amounts’ for a pint of a decent IPA and the general price tag that comes with great imported beer and it’s a bloody hard slog doing our job sometimes!


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6 10, 2017

Brookyln Brewery Tap Takeover


Hello and welcome to our shiny new blog! It’s a place for me to rant and rave about how good The Beer Studio is and various other bits and pieces going on in the world of craft beer. For my first post, I want to spread the good word of Brooklyn Brewery, one of New York’s FINEST craft brewers! Now you’ve probably heard of Brooklyn already. Their expansion into the UK market has been flawless. Hit up most trendy bars in the Northern Quarter and you’ll be able to get a pint of their signature lager, visit your local TESCO and you’ll be able to buy cans and bottles of various beers in the range, look online and you’ll be able to buy just about everything they do, from their web store. They are now just about everywhere and the way they’ve done it is brilliant, but that’s for another blog post.


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